November 1, 2011


I have never really been into Halloween and dressing up, but things change when you got two cuties that look great in costumes! We had a frog costume for Ruby this year, but last minute she insisted that she wanted to be a ruby princess. She even was playing a game where I would have to keep introducing her as the Ruby princess, then she would run into the room, shaking my hand saying "nice to meet you!" Then we would do it all over again! Shep wore Ruby's 1st Halloween costume which was a skeleton. We had a blast at the harvest party at church. Every one's costumes were great, and the games were perfect for Ruby! But most of all, she loved the candy. Oh the sweet, delicious, mouth-watering candy. Which brings me to my next adventure...potty training. Yes, I am now using the Halloween candy as incentive for going on her potty:) So far 3 accidents and one reward has occurred. Wish me luck in the coming days!

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  1. she melts my heart... she is just too darn cute- and shep looks great as a skeleton- good luck with the potty training... she is so smart I am sure she will catch on fast... especially with candy as a reward! :)