November 29, 2011

We are so blessed!

Home again. We arrived safely back in Yakima yesterday. I am not going to lie, I was secretly hoping that the pass was going to be dumped on by snow so we could spend more time with Jeremy, but no such luck. God had other plans I suppose. As we got closer to home, Ruby was talking all about her pretty books that she is going to read, her many dresses that she is going to wear, and the long list of food she is going to cook in her kitchen. I can tell she missed being home. Right when we walked in the door she rushed right back to her room to do just those things, while I unpacked our entire luggage and got lunch made. It makes me so thankful to have a house to come to where she feels comfortable, but I also ache because it is not where Jeremy is. This long distance living is taking its toll on me. This whole experience has further engrained in me that my home is where Jeremy and my kids are, not a material home that will one day be gone. So if that is all four of us crashing in a guest bedroom at my sister-in laws house than great!  As long as we are together it feels like home, it feels safe, it is where we belong.
                Thanksgiving was quite the event this year for me! I have never made a thing for this holiday before, and this year I dappled in just about every dish that was devoured on the table. Thanks to my sister- in law who usually makes all the food for the day, I got to contribute and help her through-out Thanksgiving. It was such a fun time to share with her and see our relationship grow as we are scrambling around trying to get everything chopped, blended, basted, mashed, and baked! One thing I did make myself was bacon cheddar deviled eggs for an appetizer and with dessert Tom and Jerry’s to drink for the adults! Delicious! I cannot express how meaningful this holiday was for me this year. Being thankful for my husband and family has a whole new meaning to me this year; from my mother-in law continuing to be there for me while Jeremy is away, to my sister-in law and her husband opening up their home for our family. Without them I am not sure I would be able to be as strong as I am right now, two and a half hours away from my love.



  1. You are the best sister-in-law that I could ever ask for. And I am just so thankful for the good that is coming for this sticky situation. I have never felt so close to my brother before and now, instead of us just being family, you are one of my dearest friends. Jose and I feel so blessed to get to share this time with you. I hope you will come stay again before you guys get a place of your own. Give Ruby and Shepard my love.

  2. It was as delicious as it looks. I had a wonderful day. Thank you all for making it so special. Grandma loves you.

  3. aww... wish I could have been there with you all too, hugs!