November 14, 2011

2-week vacation

Sorry that this next post is not the second half of my DIY advent calendar...but I still haven't had a chance to sew it. I know all you mommy's out there understand that one. I promise it will be done before December 1st, I hope! Yesterday I got the pleasure to follow my husband, with the kids in tow, to Seattle! We are going to stay at my sister-in laws house for two weeks so we can be together as a family for the holiday...and for our 4 year anniversary. Yep, 4 years on November 17th! From our first date walking around greenlake, to traveling back and forth from Yakima to Seattle, I have loved every bit of it and am thankful that we get to continue on creating a life together.

          I have been working on a few handmade gifts for him too and can't wait to show them to you! It usually is a bit harder for me to think of handmade things for him, but I was swarmed with ideas this year and I think I am going save some for Christmas presents.

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  1. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple- It was a pleasure meeting you in the beginning and a joy having you as a part of the family ever since... and the two greatest gifts you could have ever given us, Ruby and Shep- well they are priceless... hugs to you both, hope you enjoy your vacation!