October 19, 2011

design and conquer

Hey everyone! So I've have been taking every quiet moment in our house (which is not much) to accomplish one thing...reorganizing the kids room. The toys are spilling out of their boxes, books have become stepping stones in the room, and their clothes are compiled of sizes that are WAY too small/too big for them. I have also added a few things in the design aspect of the room that I wanted to do back when we moved in. This week though, I have found it much harder to complete all of my plans for their room because of one little 8lb boy.
            I swear he is aware of when his sister takes a nap and sees that as his opportunity to make some noise of his own and not have a lick of contentment in him until I give in and hold him. But nonetheless, I have managed to finish a few projects which include adding some chalkboard paint on a door, fixing up a side table, and rearranging the kids clothes and toys.

This shelf was a light shade of pink and completely ruined on top. To fix it I painted it a sea green color, tacked on some white fabric that I sewed to fit the dimensions of the top and then sewed a flap with some cute fabric cut-outs.

I tried to utilize every hidden nook to store clothes and other misc. items. There is a suitcase under the changing table that I have stored Shepherds 6month clothes. I also packed as much as I could under Ruby's crib!
 Once I had my C- section, I had to figure out how to eliminate lifting Ruby during my recovery. Technically she could climb up the side of it, but I she needed a safer way to do so. I took our stepping stool from our living room and set it up by her bed. She loves the fact that she can get in and out by herself! 
Here is the door that I painted with chalkboard paint. We actually don't use this door because there are two other entry ways...yes, there are three doors into her room! In the shelf I fixed up, I put her coloring books, crayons, and chalk inside so she can create art as much as her heart desires:)

Ruby has become very excited about picking her own clothes out for the day...which results in some very innovative pairing of items! I love it! This was her choice for the day...

two more days until we get to see Jeremy!


  1. my gosh what a great space- you have two lucky kiddos to get to call that their room! Love seeing it all, so thanks for sharing!

  2. ruby is so stylish! what a sweet room you've created for them. looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  3. hey, neighbor! nice blog! :) your pictures are awesome.