April 21, 2013

Clarence Cook on the rise

For the last couple months Jeremy has been working on a custom built stereo cabinet for a client. Today was the anticipated drop-off day. Before we left, there were some much needed pictures to be taken, a constant echo of warnings to the kids about NOT whacking the piece with a toy, and there were nerves up to our necks (mainly Jeremy's) as we approached their house. Thankfully, they absolutely loved it and all was well. I am proud of what he has accomplished and I am eagerly anticipating what is next for his future furniture building.
     (more to come about Clarence Cook)...Oh and he even made them a stool (seen in last picture) as a thank you gift for letting him build this for them. How awesome is that!




April 1, 2013

bits of progress

  A whole lot of side work has been going on in the Hanson household lately. Side work for other people, that is. Jeremy has been very busy making furniture for clients on the side, so we mostly have been doing little jobs here and there on the house. We've got all new water lines (yeah!), drained both ponds out, demoed the small pond, cut two backyard trees down, and discovered a brick patio underneath a layer of grass. That has been my project this past weekend. I got to tell you, it has been very satisfying to unveil something that has been hidden. All I need to do now is fill in the empty sections where the small pond used to be.

    I am so grateful for such a large backyard where our kids can explore, discovering new bugs, get covered in mud and see where their imagination takes them. Ruby has been going through Jeremy's scrap wood piles to create things like fishing poles, a bridge, slides, and much more. Now if it could just be sunny everyday, I could get things done a lot quicker!

the two spots where the pond was

Ruby's bridge

this whole patio was once covered with grass

a small section of everything we have been digging up and cutting down