March 1, 2012

happy thursday!

One more day until the weekend! We have had a very relaxing week thus far. Right now I am sitting in the living room watching Ruby take the cushions off the couch to make what she calls "a jumping bean place!" As she is jumping on the cushions, and jumping on the bare couch, I wonder how many more broken bones are going to be in her future...hopefully zero! I am not sure though because she is one very active and ambitious little girl.

One thing we've acquired by moving back to Seattle are a few new roommates. One is an old friend of the family, the other is his twin brother, and last but not least is this cuddly friend, Memphis.
It sure is nice to have a friend around for our dog Wyatt. They play all day long, lick each other’s wounds when hurt, share food and toys, and cuddle on the couch together. It’s pretty darn cute!
One amazing thing about our house is the fire place. It has all the original tile work and heats the whole main level of the house. Ruby is always the first on the scene to help gather fire wood and is very attentive to the fire. She always yells, “We need more wood, the fire is almost gone!”   She is such a helper, I love that about her!  Well, I better be off…it’s a clear day which means it’s time for a walk to the park, and maybe a little snack at the coffee shop J
Sean and Ruby enjoying their hard work starting the fire

A very proud Ruby after helping daddy make kindling for the fire

A little friendly ram I picked up for Shepherd in the sale section at Anthropologie

Jeremy's delicious birthday cake : carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, and a pecan topping!

Little Shep, getting so big!

Playing on my old doll quilt made by my mom when I was three. It is shared by all in the, parents, and sometimes the doggies.


  1. Oh thank you so much. It really helps my sad grandma heart to be able to follow this blog and see all the pictures.

    1. Absolutely! I love that I can keep all of our family connected to us through this blog! It keeps me busy and gives me an excuse to take lots and lots more pictures of our life!

  2. Fantastic, love the view from your living room, love the fireplace and really love the cute kiddos. Glad Wyatt has such a cute new friend too- hugs to all!