March 5, 2012

Woke up with a smile

I went to bed knowing that there would be dishes calling my name when I woke up in the morning, and that the garbage and recycling would be begging me to stop trying to squish it down more so I could fit that last wrapper or jar. I went to bed exhausted from trying to get Shepherd to bed. I unfortunately did not get the sleep I needed to be rejuvenated for the next day because a sweet, stubborn, little, playful baby was having a LOUD conversation with himself from about 3am to 5am. And he wanted to include me in it, but I was too tired to hold him and talk back, so my husband came to the rescue! Jeremy got up about 4:30am and eventually got Shepherd down by 5am just in time to get ready for work. But my amazing husband didn't stop there. When I walked into the kitchen this morning, I smiled and I am still smiling. He put away all the dishes, washed another load in the dishwasher, took both garbage and recycling out, and cleared all the counters...and a bonus there was hot coffee in the pot for me to enjoy! There is nothing like having a clean kitchen...especially one that was cleaned by a loving husband.


  1. I am impressed/I have to say he got this from his Dad who has always been good about helping especially when i am so tired. You are blessed but you also deserve it. I am very proud of you both you have a wonderful marriage and i am so thankful.

  2. go jeremy! I am so impressed with my little bro- that boy is definitely a keeper. Give him a big hug for me and tell him he is a fantastic man, brother and husband, because he truly is.