March 27, 2012

A very productive beginning

The sun has started to make its appearance here in Seattle and our family has been taking full advantage of it because we know rain could come at any time! On Sunday we walked around old Ballard and went to my favorite fabric store, The Quilting Loft. I have been wanting to start sewing again and thought I'd start with making things for the kids room. I picked up some heather Ross fabric and also a pack of fat quarters. The line is called Reunion by Sweetwater for moda fabrics. I decided to make a mini quilt out of the fat quarters, and have almost finished it. I just need to go buy some fabric for the border!

My husband has also got the creative bug that has crept into our week. He has this week off so he decided to spend some time in the wood shop making some furniture for our house. In just two days he built a credenza and a wood mount made from black walnut for some of our deer antlers. The mount also has a butterfly joint that he put in to prevent the wood from splitting completely. The credenza was made out of scraps of white oak. I was so excited to see what he had come up with and I completely fell in love with them both! I felt like it was my birthday, even though they weren't actually gifts to me specifically :) Can't wait to see what he comes up with next!


  1. Your sewing is so impressive. I am super jacked that you are quilting now and that piece is just perfection, I can't find a sloppy seam or a non perfect point in the whole thing- amazing! I love your fabric choices too. Jeremy's furniture is so beautiful too- what a talented and creative couple you both are!

  2. jealous! come make furniture for us please?