March 5, 2012

our weekend

Since living in our new place I have fallen in love with walking to the library. It honestly is my new favorite place to go by myself or with the kids. This past weekend Jeremy and Ruby left to go hang out at the wood shop, so Shepherd and I took a nice long walk around the neighborhood. We found a pretty cool little spot that has a great view of the SoDo district. Then we headed to the library. I found a few movies, a book on preserving food and also a book on no-knead bread (can't wait to try out some of the recipes!). One of the videos I got was baby ballet for Ruby. Today I surprised her with it and we got her dressing the part in no time. She dug out her old bathing suit in place of a leotard and she paired it with her red tutu. I was pretty impressed with how attentive she was to the teacher. I started ballet when I was about three. My mom put me into dance because I was a very energetic child who needed an outlet. I stuck with dance for about 7 years and I have recital videos for each performance. I think that would be something Ruby would love to see. I am very excited and eager to see what Ruby will gravitate towards as she gets older.

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