December 1, 2011

Day 1 : Advent Calendar

Windel Elf Advent Calendar | World Market
world market advent calendar

Last night while Ruby was at grape juice club at the church, Shepherd and I went to Michael's craft store to buy some trinkets and candy for the advent calendar. I rushed home just in time to fit each little gift in the pockets. As I was filling each one my excitement grew in anticipating for the time when Ruby will get to see it. Growing up we got the individual calendars from the grocery store that where filled with chocolate.

The numbers on them were usually scattered like I did on my calendar. Since Ruby hasn't quite learned her number recognition yet I thought of using number flashcards so she has to match the number I give her to one that is on the calendar! What a way to sneak in some learning while she is receiving gifts!! I also am going to read her a bible verse to her each morning before she opens the pocket so by the 25th of December she might have it memorized.

This morning the first words out of Ruby's mouth were, "lets go see what is in my pocket!" I gave her the number one to look for and it took her a little while to find it, but sure enough she did. In the number one pocket was a candy cane and minnie mouse tattoos. We spent the rest of the morning putting those tattoos all over her:) Tune in tomorrow to see what she gets next!

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