December 19, 2011

Expect the unexpected

I was about to post an update on our lives last week but got so overwhelmed with all that happened! Here is the quick update. We got a house, then it fell through, went to the urgent care and E.R. at Children’s Hospital 3 TIMES within 4 DAYs, participated in toys for tats at Liberty Tattoo in Seattle (our friends shop), and viewed 3 other houses that were all flops. We have been home for the weekend to see the Christmas pageant that Jeremy’s mom put together at church, and then we pack up again to head to my mom’s then my dad’s for the holidays. With all of this craziness going on around us we have managed to continue to take one step at a time and enjoy our time together. I also made sure to bring the advent calendar with us while we were in Seattle so Ruby still had a chance to enjoy the little surprises in each pocket. 


Poor sweet girl, She got an outer eye infection that made her eye swollen shut. She was quite the trooper though and had a really good attitude through it all, until it came to all the doctors constantly staring at her eye.

Image.jpgSince there was so much going on Ruby's advent calendar didn't get touch for a few days. Which meant she got to open 3 pockets in one day! She was pretty exited to get the mickey mouse card game and of course the M&M's!

Image.jpgphoto.JPGBoth Jeremy and I got traditional rose tattoos, except mine was pretty easy to get whereas his was on his neck.
Hopefully this week will be a bit calmer and relaxing...


  1. hey your pics didnt load.... i wanna see your tattoo!

  2. I will try to reload them...I will be back in Yakima this weekend (weather permitting) and I can show you it then too:) Did you get one for christmas? I remember you talking about getting one