September 25, 2013

Sick days and wood piles

Hey everyone! I’m here, stuck at home with two sick kids, and a cold myself. It’s gloomy and rainy outside, which has made this transition to fall quick. With this cold though, I’m already making loads of warm tea and snuggling up under my Pendleton with two kids and a book. So it makes it worth it! Jeremy and I always check in on Ruby and Shepherd before we go to bed, and lately we’ve been amazed at how big they are getting. The other night, we found Shepherd on the floor next to his bed, cuddled up with his blanket still on him and his teddy bear he calls “baby.” We are not sure if he fell out of bed, or just decided that was cozier, but it sure was cute! We decided last night could be a special night where they both could sleep in the bed with us…turns out we can’t all fit. Shepherd kept slapping me in the face or kicking me in the stomach. I had to quietly move him back to his room. Somehow when I woke up this morning, there he was, squished right between Ruby and I on the bed (such a sneaky boy!)

Aside from our sleeping stories, Jeremy has been keeping busy with collecting wood and creating things from his collection. He keeps bringing home small scraps of wood that he couldn’t see go to waste. The past few months he’s made cutting boards, a wooden knife, fairy wand, a desk, a mallet, and wood handles for a purse I made. I love that he can escape into his shop for a few hours and come out with something he free form sculpted.

Well, I’m off to make another cup of tea…and go brake up a fight.




  1. what a talent, love to see all this stuff!

  2. Yep, I agree Molly. . .Makes me happy. All of you are so talented.