August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Shepherd!

Today is the day, two years ago, that we had an impatient little boy join our family. I will never forget the grace and provision God showed us that day. With all of the unexpected medical emergencies, we welcomed a healthy baby boy, three weeks early, on my mom’s birthday!  Two years later, Shepherds personality has grown immensely and he already has a strong interest in skateboarding, music, and dancing. The moment you turn the stereo on, he comes running out of the room and starts dancing. Then usually yells “louder, louder mommy!” 

A few other phrases he says often are:

“dat cool mommy? Dat cool? ( usually after he jumps off something or does a trick)

“Skateboarding!” (pretends that all his toys are skateboarding)

“I sorry Ruby” (this is said quite often in one day!)

“cer-ro-rol mommy? Bowl? Spoon? With milk mommy?” ( every morning J)

 Happy birthday baby boy! We love you!


Looking forward to what this year will bring!


  1. God blessed us double triple the day he was born. I just love this lil guy. He so reminds me of his Dad. I am so thankful for him. Happy Birthday Sheppy.

  2. ohhhh happy birthday buddy, you are too precious for words!