October 4, 2013

Around the house

Last weekend I got together with my little sister to take her senior pictures. It was raining outside, so we decided to do indoor shots until we get some clear weather...which will hopefully be tomorrow! That day made me realize I haven't picked up my camera in what felt like forever. The battery was dead and the memory card was almost full. After some charging and downloading/deleting files we were ready to go. It got me thinking though about the convenience of phones these days.  More often than not I accept that my phone camera will do and that I don't need to haul around my big heavy Nikon. Yes, it is more convenient to just have my phone when we go out on adventures, but the picture quality, control, and creativity you get from using a SLR camera is incomparable.
            So this morning, I pulled out my camera, and just took some simple photographs around the house to please my heart and my itch for taking pictures WITHOUT my phone. I tried so hard to broaden my subject this morning too! (It is so hard to NOT take pictures of just my kids...they're so darn cute!)

getting ready to make leather finger cuffs for Jeremy to wear when he is using his woodworking files

blooming...and dusty

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  1. very pretty to see the world through your artistic eye, thanks for sharing!