July 17, 2013

summer days

Our only plans this summer were to go camping ALOT, and designate July weekends to installing our new windows…so far we have not fulfilled those plans yet. I never realized how many summer birthdays there are in our family…I think I’ve counted 8 so far! We have already celebrated my birthday, Ruby’s, my father in-laws, and my nephew’s, but there are still four more to go! When we are not occupied with birthday fun, you can always find us outside enjoying the sun while we have it.
       It has become a bit of a tradition to walk across the street to the park after dinner. Ruby rides her scooter, Shepherd obsesses over the baby swings, and we all stop at the skate park to watch the skateboarders. Shepherd has begun to develop a love for the sport. Although he doesn’t have a board of his own, he pretends all day by jumping off of things, yelling “skateboarding!” A few weeks ago Jeremy went to roll around the skate park, and put each of the kids on the board with him as he went around the park. Shepherd’s eyes just lit up as they went up and down the ramps. He definitely is turning into a mini Jeremy!
 He is always following Ruby at the park. It definitely pushes him to try things he might not be quite ready for...like the big rock climbing wall. After I took this photo, he wanted down immediately!

The kids love to run around the bases on the field. They also like making sand angels,  which makes for a very satisfying bath time!

I can already predict needing to buy about three more workbooks for this kid this summer.
 She doesn't want to stop!

Every morning, after Jeremy heads of to work, I get about 15 min. to myself, 30 min. if I'm lucky!
I usually grab my book and some breakfast and sit on our front porch soaking up the silence. Then I hear my queue to come inside..."Mommy! mommy! cereal! spoon!" Those are Shepherd first words every morning :)






  1. I just love this post. Thanks so much Aleina. This is just such a wonderful way to keep us all in your lives. the pictures of the kids are so precious.

  2. so fun- I am so glad I visited you guys this year so I can picture exactly where you are when you are telling me all these great stories- love it!