July 1, 2013

A birthday for Ruby

4 years ago, we were lucky enough to welcome Ruby Jeanne into our family. She has grown into a very independent, artistic, and smart little girl. A few months ago I let her pick a movie out on Netflix to watch. She chose a documentary on giant colossal squid! From then on, she has been in love with squid and always wants to hear stories of colossal squid being captured. So it was only appropriate to have a squid party!
        We made a squid piƱata, and Jeremy even piped a squid on her cake! It was pretty impressive considering he had never done it before :-) And since it was my 26th birthday the same day as the party, we included little bits of things for the adults like a big pitcher of Jeremy's refreshing take on a whiskey ginger, mini roasted vegetable galettes, mini fruit galettes, and a giant cookie made by my mom, which brought back a lot old memories!
         Sunday my sister in-law gave me the gift of watching the kids ALL DAY, while Jeremy and I went out. We ate a delicious lunch at The Sexton and I also went and got a tattoo for my gift from Jeremy. Overall it was an amazing weekend with family and friends and I look forward to celebrating another birthday with my Ruby!

The day of her official birthday...getting ready to open the present from mommy and daddy!

She got a scooter and purple helmet!

Like the big pile of trees we cut down recently in the yard, pretty huh? (j/k)

two arrows, a ruby at the end for Ruby, and the other in the shape of a shepherds staff for Sheppy.


  1. Awesome day. We had so much fun. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  2. oh wow, such great photos, such a memorable day, and I love your new tattoo!