May 30, 2013

pause button

It is amazing to see how fast Ruby and Shepherd have grown in these past 6 months. Shepherd has experienced his first haircut, which he still talks about and is constantly rubbing his head saying "hair cut, cut." I think he misses his long hair (so do I!) Ruby has become quite the artist these days. I always find her at the table drawing just about everything, although her favorite thing to draw are princesses, obviously! The other day we experimented with making plant prints. I let her go in the backyard on her own to gather different plants and flowers. She put them between two pieces of paper and hammered away. She also tried to do it with rocks, and for some reason they didn't transfer so well on the paper :-) She did however make some holes from hammering them so much!

I wish there was a pause button for certain days in their childhood...seeing them grow up sure is bittersweet.


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