May 30, 2013

The never ending demo...

As we enter into spring, we are preparing to replace all of our windows! We scored 16 matching windows at The ReStore in Ballard for $20 each. I am eager to see the drastic change it is going to make to our house, inside and out. The inside of the house is on a bit of a standstill though. As the clear days become a bit more consistent, we've been doing a lot of demo in the yard. Our backyard is now without a pond, a bridge, and 4 trees. We have also accumulated piles of brick and granite rock from digging up the pond. Did I mention the pond is GONE?!!! I am very excited to see a huge dirt pit instead of a dirty, overgrown, dangerous pond. Our plan is level out the ground and build a wood platform where the pond used to be. But for now the only word in our remodeling vocabulary is demolition.
      To satisfy my desire to fix up the inside of the house, I've been rearranging, organizing, and sewing some things for the house. Since we don't have a basement or garage to store things, I've managed to use every bit of space until we can get proper storage built in the house. The other night, Jeremy and I were discussing our kitchen remodel ideas, which included knocking out walls, rearranging the cabinets, new flooring, etc. Ruby decided to chime in and tell us, "I like the house just the way it is mom. You don't need to change anything!" It is nice to hear a child's perspective on the topic. I love that she is comfortable here, and it feels like home to her. We are so thankful to have this house that provides our family with shelter and comfort and we are blessed that God gave us a creative outlook on life and we can use our house to express who we are and what we love to do.





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