October 14, 2011

Paint from head to toe

Fall is finally here!
 Last weekend my mom took us to the pumpkin patch where Ruby got to go on a hay ride and pick a pumpkin out.  Since she is too young to carve a pumpkin on her own, I wanted to do a project that would be created by her 100%. So what better idea than to have her paint it! She covered every surface of that pumpkin and didn't want to stop there. I got out some paper and we talked about the colors we see during autumn and she gladly covered her paper and herself in the paint!

Mmmmmm, delicious!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love this- she is just too darn cute and that last picture made me laugh out loud- what a sweet innocent face covered in paint! I miss her so much, thanks for the new post- made me smile for sure!