July 24, 2012

Life lately...and deal of the week

Yes, it has been a while since my last post, and yes, I am not so good on keeping this blog consistent, but I do my best with the time I've got. We have been pretty busy here in the Hanson household, potty training Ruby, sleep training Shepherd (which is long overdue!) and attending quite a few birthday parties.  Which brings me to my deal of the week. This deal is the best kind out there...you know, the FREE kind? Jeremy and I put our skills to work to make two little twins very happy for their birthday, at least I hope they were happy with the gift :-)
       I had the idea of making bean bags out of some Heather Ross fabric and Jeremy was more than willing to make a wooden stand with three holes in it for the bean bags to be tossed in. The morning of the party Jeremy went down to the shop, gathered some wood scraps and was done an hour before we needed to leave!
       We also are getting ready to take the kids on their first camping trip of the summer! I just hope it doesn't mess up the work we've put into getting Shepherd to sleep through the night!


July 9, 2012

grow grow grow

Our credenza and window sill are slowly being taken over by plants. Many of them were given to me from a friend. I love having that splash of green everywhere I look, especially when I get to find glass jars and other containers for them to live in :-) I think one of my favorite containers that I used for a recent succulent is my cow that had an original purpose of pouring creamer into a morning cup of coffee.

Mail for Ruby

Ruby recently celebrated her birthday...it still is hard to believe that she is three now! Just last week she got two special gifts in the mail, one from Jeremy's older sister, and one from my older sister. It was great to see her face as she opened the packages. She got a beautiful handmade doll quilt and pillow from her Aunt Molly. You can check out all of her other amazing quilts here. She raced upstairs to get her Brave doll, Merida, and tucked her in with the blanket and pillow. It was pretty darn cute. Her present from her Aunt Maria was a cute vintage dress, and a book made from elephant poop, which she found pretty fascinating since it didn't smell like poop...good thing too!