July 9, 2012

Mail for Ruby

Ruby recently celebrated her birthday...it still is hard to believe that she is three now! Just last week she got two special gifts in the mail, one from Jeremy's older sister, and one from my older sister. It was great to see her face as she opened the packages. She got a beautiful handmade doll quilt and pillow from her Aunt Molly. You can check out all of her other amazing quilts here. She raced upstairs to get her Brave doll, Merida, and tucked her in with the blanket and pillow. It was pretty darn cute. Her present from her Aunt Maria was a cute vintage dress, and a book made from elephant poop, which she found pretty fascinating since it didn't smell like poop...good thing too!



1 comment:

  1. Awww, thanks for this Aleina, so cute to see her happy shiny face with my gift, and I really like the dress Maria got her too- what a loved little girl she is!!