August 24, 2011


Nothing compares to waking up from the sunshine.Today I got my wake up call from Ruby. She climbed up on my bed at 7am yelling "Are you AWAKE, are you AWAKE?" How did I respond? Well, I got up and decided we were going to make delicious mickey mouse pancakes! She ran to her stool and started to drag it over to the counter. We began mixing and pouring the ingredients together.

There were many attempts to licking the spoon and sneaking a handful of flour :)

After an extensive amount of stirring on Ruby's part, I got our pan hot and began pouring the batter into the shape of mickey's head.

We finally were ready to eat...And the hardest part for Ruby was having to cut up our creation. But I think she didn't mind too much, she ate 2 mickey pancakes!

Countdown: 2 days left

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  1. what a treat it is to have a little window into your world- I am just loving these pictures- they are so artistic and your little muse is so darned beautiful- I can't believe how much she has grown up. I know the blog is technically for Jeremy, but Aunt Molly feels like the luckiest girl in the world to get to see and hear about you and Ruby's daily lives. Keep the posts coming- I am enjoying every second... and give that sweet doll a kiss from me!