August 23, 2011

First Day Away

Our family has been experiencing a lot of first in these past few months. The most recent one is actually the reason behind my desire to blog. Just over the mountains, in Seattle, is a wood shop where my husband is working on job for three months. This requires us to stay put in Yakima, while he hunkers down there during the week, only getting to see us on the weekends. We are expecting our second child sometime in the next few weeks, which is why I am not doing much traveling...even if it is only two and a half hours away.

Today was Jeremy's first day on the job, meaning it was the first full day with him gone. During his call home at lunch time, my daughter Ruby talked with him briefly and asked "did you get me a present?" I am not sure why she thought to ask that, so we reminded her that daddy is working, not out buying presents :)
For our first day on our own Ruby and I got to enjoy the sunshine with our friends outside. She played in the pool, washed her toys, and did an all-time favorite...covered herself with dirt and mud!
The count down for this week has begun. 3 days left.

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