December 5, 2012

decorating time!

This Christmas, we decided to go up to Mt. Pilchuck to cut down our tree. We brought hot cocoa, snacks, and a lot of warm extra clothes. The kids got to play in the snow and mud while we searched for the right tree. We ended up picking one that had split off into two trees midway up the trunk. The next day we put on the Muppet's Christmas album while we decorated the house and tree as a family!
I can't wait to start making more family traditions in our new house!


  1. I love it. Thanks so much. It looks awesome. I love how much the kids are involved. I recognize Jeremy's ornaments from childhood on that tree. Aunt Mary made the green one wiht his name in glitter. I hope she sees it. I can hardly wait to come see you all at Christmas.

  2. love the tree, love the pics, love you all... Merry Christmas!!