November 5, 2012

Do it right the first time around

Saturday morning was the start of our first big project on the house. Our mud room was not built properly and every time it rained the studs and part of the floor got soaked...which has resulted in wood rot. As we were doing all of the demo, we found we needed to replace two whole walls and the sub floor, instead of just the one wall we were planning on. At least now we know it will be done right and there will be no more surprises in that room! Jeremy surprised Ruby with her own tool belt, work gloves, hickory hammer, mask, and crowbar. She was very excited and helped by prying off some of the drywall. I think she lasted about 10 minutes :)

bees nest we found when we demoed the ceiling

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  1. looks like a lot of work but nothing that talented brother of mine can't handle.