October 18, 2012

new house, new adventures

Consistent blog posting is something I am no quite good at yet...sorry! Funny thing is, I always have time to check out others blogs, which always seem to be updated just about everyday. How do those other moms do it?!
      Well, a lot has happened in the past two months, including us going through the process of buying a home! When it came time to move, everything felt different. Although we were exhausted at the thought of packing and moving, AGAIN, it meant that we could finally settle down and put all of our creative ideas into a place that we own. Yesterday I found myself smiling over the mundane tasks like getting the mail, sweeping the hardwood floors, and pulling the garbage cans up our driveway. Yes, these things are a part of life wherever you may live, but I smiled because in some ways it just reminded me that we are here to stay...no more moving every year, or in our case every 7 or 8 months. yikes!
       We recently took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Last year we went right before Halloween and it was almost impossible to find a pumpkin that wasn't rotten, so we decided to go the first weekend it opened :) A completely different experience, I tell ya. Ruby was having a hard time choosing just one and Shepherd just wandered around, touching every pumpkin in sight. Gosh, I love those kids!




  1. Aleina I so appreciate that you do this. Papa and I miss the kids so much. I love seeing these pictures.

  2. these pics are just so precious... I love love love them. You have got such a beautiful family and I enjoy so much sharing these precious moments with you!