May 17, 2012

Rattlesnake Ridge

         The last time Jeremy and I got to go out without the kids was to see The Hunger Games, which was a bit of a disappointment compared to the book and was very rushed. We went straight to the movie and came straight home.  But last Saturday was a very special treat. My sister-in law gladly watched our kids all day while Jeremy and I went on a hike. We went to Rattlesnake Ridge and completed the 5mile hike to the top. It was so beautiful, but I must admit it reminded me of how afraid I am of heights…it's the kind of fear where I can’t stop thinking of different scenarios in which Jeremy or I would somehow slip off the edge of the cliff. Anyway, we found a safe spot on the top to have some lunch then headed back down. At the bottom was a calm lake that Wyatt fully enjoyed after the hike.  Sometimes you forget how important it is to have time as a couple away from your children. All of our focus could be on each other and we were not interrupted by a crying baby or a poopy diaper, although I wouldn’t change having those moments for the world, well maybe we could do without the poopy diapers!

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