April 24, 2012

Weekend away

I think this past weekend was one of the best times we've had together as a family since we've been back in Seattle. We went north to Lake Padden, near Bellingham to meet up with my mom, step dad and sister. It had everything there, a playground, off-leash dog park, a lake (obviously!) and multiple trails going around the lake. We got there a bit late in the day due to traffic, but still managed to catch the sun while it was still out. Shepherd went on a swing for the first time, and Ruby was gathering rocks for her favorite activity...throwing rocks in the water. The dogs had a blast too, getting all their energy out from playing fetch in the lake. Or maybe I should say just Wyatt got his energy out. I don't think it is possible for Belle, (my sisters German shepherd), to be tired!
          After the delicious barbecued hot dogs and giant cupcakes my step dad just had to buy, we packed up and headed to the pier in Fairhaven, just outside of Bellingham. My step dad told Ruby that we would get to see seals in the water there, and sure enough one popped its head out of the water and followed us down the pier. Ruby's eyes lit up when she saw it! I love moments like that where we as parents get to see our children experience something for the first time.
          Once the sun went down, we headed back to my moms and stayed the night. Luckily we got more beautiful weather the next day and enjoyed relaxing with family. Our morning consisted of a delicious breakfast, jumping through the sprinkler, and like every family out there, target practice in the front yard with a bow and arrow. Yes, my husband, whom I love dearly, wants to be like Katniss, from the book The Hunger Games. We were using my sisters re curve bow and Jeremy also tried my moms compound. Both my mom and husband were able to shoot an apple with an arrow! All I have to say is, watch out Katniss.

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