January 23, 2012

House remodel

        One trip over the mountains, equaling up to three house moves in 6 months, and the adjustment to living not by the city, has brought us to this house in Yakima. Back in July we were in crunch time, attempting to get our rental house to a livable state by August 1st. What started as a house full of unkempt men, homeless and not, now has turned upside down only because of the heart and drive my husband has for his family and for following the Lord. This house has been a portfolio in and of itself. To start with a house full of junk, bugs, cigarette butts everywhere, and a stench that was indescribable, is a feat not everyone is capable of undertaking, but he took it head on and put all of his sweat, blood, and tears into it. (no real tears were shed in the making of this houseJ)
            Unfortunately, we were caught up in all the work and did not take pictures of the house untouched, but we did manage to get some pictures of the middle stages of the house remodel…Here are the before and after photos!
Jeremy put in all the wainscoting, sanded and refinished the floors, and we painted EVERYTHING!

Jeremy added the two cabinets you see on the right of the photo, relocated the fridge to make more counter space in the kitchen, put down OSB flooring, made new countertops, widened the doorway from kitchen to bedroom, and the list continues!

This house by far has been the best fit for our family. It displays everything we are passionate about in design and includes everything we need to function as a family…except for the fact that my hands serve as our dishwasher. Wah wah wah. It seems a bit strange to now be leaving this house that we worked so hard on, but we enjoyed every second of it and spent very little money in the process. It’s what we love to do together as a couple…design, build, and well, in our case move away. (not too fond of the moving part!)

            Materials bought:         OSB plywood for flooring $50
                                                Cleaning supplies…lots of it! $45
                                                Bathroom sink $30
                                                Paint $75
                                                Polyurethane $25
                                                Misc. materials $125
                                                Bathroom floor $35
Total cost of remodel…$385!


  1. Amazing work, guys. The scary part is that the "Before" photos are a lot cleaner than I remember on our first walk-through. I can't believe how much you guys did to improve this place. I think that this is Episode 1 in the new hit TV series "Flip This House", starring jeremy and aleina Hanson.

    1. Thanks mike! oh yeah...the before was considerably worse than the pictures I posted. Glad you got to see it in the very beginning. Jeremy really kicked some butt on this house! oh any by the way...nice work on your shelving unit! We both really like it!

  2. so awesome to get to see these pics before you guys move out. I would be sad for you leaving such an adorable little home but I know it means you all get to be together as a family which is so much more important... can't wait to see future episodes of that show too! Good work!

  3. I’m absolutely aghast -- in a wonderful way -- by the transformation! The spirit of the before photo was definitely gone when I saw how the remodeling progressed. Also, your home looks wonderful with that mint green paint. Good job! :)