November 14, 2012

one less trip to the store

Taste tester for our yummy granola


When you don't feel like packing the kids in the car to go grocery shopping you get a bit creative with what you've got in the cupboards. In this case, we had everything we needed for homemade granola. I put the bowl on the floor and let the kids mix their hearts out as I added the ingredients. We used oats, almonds, coconut, honey, oil, raisins, and added some dried banana after baking. Unfortunately I burnt the first batch, but the second one turned out great!
Later that day I attempted to let Shepherd paint. He lasted about 10 seconds, then wouldn't stop putting his paint covered hand in his mouth.

November 5, 2012

Do it right the first time around

Saturday morning was the start of our first big project on the house. Our mud room was not built properly and every time it rained the studs and part of the floor got soaked...which has resulted in wood rot. As we were doing all of the demo, we found we needed to replace two whole walls and the sub floor, instead of just the one wall we were planning on. At least now we know it will be done right and there will be no more surprises in that room! Jeremy surprised Ruby with her own tool belt, work gloves, hickory hammer, mask, and crowbar. She was very excited and helped by prying off some of the drywall. I think she lasted about 10 minutes :)

bees nest we found when we demoed the ceiling

November 4, 2012


This was the first Halloween where Ruby went trick or treating, and she loved it! We went with family this year and her cousins showed her the ropes :) She got a lot of loot and she has been sharing it with all of us. Of course, the day before Halloween we still hadn't decided on costumes for the kids, and so we took a family trip to the Goodwill. Jeremy found a HUGE stuffed bear that he planned on altering to make a costume for Ruby, and it turned out great! He even sewed the buttons on in the front! Shepherd went as an army guy, because that's what we had on hand.
We also got to carve pumpkins as a family. Jeremy carved faces, I carved out "BOO". Also my mother in-law was staying with us for a few days and she carved sheppy's pumpkin with the letter "S".


November 2, 2012

Our house

It is a Friday morning, the kids are still in bed (yeah!) and I actually have time to write and edit pictures...I love the early mornings! We have been in our new place for about a month now, and both Jeremy and I are trying to document every possible design idea for the house, so when we are ready to do a certain room, we will have plenty of inspiration to look back on. I made sure to not be lazy this time around and take before pictures of our house, inside and out. So make sure to check out the after pictures, which will realistically be put up in the span of 5 to 6 years I'm sure! The first on our list of urgency is to replace the electrical panel, install washer/dryer (yippee!), and rebuild the mud room. All of those projects are on the list for this weekend. It sure is nice to be married to a carpenter/all around talent in the construction world:) I love you Jeremy!

Ok, so the silence didn't last too long... I'm coming Shepherd!

In case you didn't know, we bought a major fixer-upper and bought it as-is, but boy do we have plans for this place!

Living room

Kitchen, left

Kitchen, right
laundry room off the kitchen
Laundry room
                                             Mud room off of the laundry room

Our room

Our room

Kids room

kids room